Marketing with MAGbond® Magnet Sheets: The Appeal of In-Store Displays

Are you tired of boring store displays that just aren’t attracting customers? Well, it’s time to shake things up with magnets! Adams’ versatile MAGbond Magnet Sign System is the perfect way to add some excitement to your store displays and draw in those shoppers. With a strong magnetic hold, you can easily attach MAGbond® magnet receptive sign material to a magnet sheet base for a quick and eye-catching display.

But wait, there’s more! MAGbond® signs are also super easy to update. They can be replaced in seconds – just peel off the old magnet receptive graphic layer from the magnetic backing and put up the new one. Or you can even roll the new sign right over the previous one.

And did we mention MAGbond® receptive sheets are available up to 60” wide?

So why settle for ho-hum displays when you can easily jazz things up with MAGbond®? Give your store that extra appeal it needs and watch those customers come flocking in. It’s magnet magic, baby!

Key points break down:

  • The importance of in-store marketing: Despite online shopping, physical stores still hold significant power.
  • 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store, offering a prime opportunity for retailers to influence customers.
  • In-store displays are a powerful tool: They can capture attention and influence buying behavior.
  • Traditional signage has drawbacks: Paper/cardboard signs are easily damaged and digital displays can be expensive.
  • The solution: Adams MAGbond® Magnet Media System: This system uses flexible magnet and magnet receptive sheets and for signage, offering several benefits:
    • Durable and reusable: No damage or need for tape/adhesive.
    • Easy to replace: Signs can be swapped quickly for promotions or new arrivals.
    • Cost-effective: Long-term savings compared to disposable signs.

Want to learn more about MAGbond®?  Watch this video!

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