How to ensure magnetic stability over temperature range, or tight tolerances on flux output

This whitepaper is intended for manufacturers that use permanent magnets and need magnets or assemblies that are magnetically stable over the expected temperature range of use or those manufacturers requiring magnets to perform within a very tight tolerance of flux output.

Magnetic fields produced by permanent magnets vary with temperature in a reversible way unless key limits to performance are exceeded. Even within the acceptable-use temperature range, minor irreversible changes in magnetic output can occur. This effect can be mitigated by stabilizing the magnets.

In a second case, the variability of flux output from magnet-to-magnet may be too large to satisfy a demanding application. It is possible to pre-treat magnets so that entire lots of material perform within a tightened range of flux output. This is often called calibration.

This paper will explain what these processes are, how they are performed and the resulting product characteristics.

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