Grab Your Glasses – This One’s 3D!

Did you know that Adams Magnetic Products utilizes 3D printing to improve our quality control,  R&D, and magnet production processes? Our 3D printers save our customers time and money by enabling us to create custom magnets and supporting parts on-demand, including rapid prototypes, proof of concept mockups, and customer samples.

Having complete control of this additive process in house, we can make adjustments on the fly without waiting for expensive iterations to be built, shipped, and tested. This capability gives Adams a unique ability to create completely customized magnet solutions quickly and cost-effectively. And, with the ability to print in a wide range of materials, including GF/CF reinforced nylon, TPU rubber, ABS, and polycarbonate we can select just the right material, optimized for your industry and application.


In addition to saving our customers time and money, and enabling our team to offer creative solutions quickly, our 3D printer has also improved the quality of our product range as a whole. 3D printed magnetizing, inspection, and assembly fixtures allow for a higher degree of repeatability, and consistency, along with overall more efficient and safe production processes.  Sometimes we even share these tools with customers so we can correlate data with identical fixtures.  The possibilities are endless!

3D printed lab fixtures

Give us a call today and let our team of experts and engineers help resolve your next magnet challenge!

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