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4 Must See Solutions for Retail & POP Designers

Tis’ the season for holiday display changes, new themed signage and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” playing on a constant loop. Not to mention the never-ending nightmare of screwdrivers, nails, glue, and paint.

There are some visual merchandising pros among us with all the time and resources to spend weeks on their latest planogram. Most of us are still looking for a fast and easy way to make seasonal transitions, whether you are a corporate, franchise or singular shop; time is money.

Step 1. Develop a Design Plan: Not everyone has access to a visual merchandising team or a planogram, if you do, consider yourself lucky. Start by writing out what changes you’d like to incorporate. Make a supplies list: include the supplies you will need to purchase and what supplies you have on hand.

2. Think Long Term: You might not want to use the same displays year in and year out but think about how this design plan can serve for future seasons. Consider investing in a display and signage system like MAGbond Magnet Media System, which uses high-quality graphics overlaid on magnets. The magnet base is a one-time installation that makes switching display materials a breeze.

3. Be Specific/Create a Timeline: Draw up a map of your store including the new design elements and who is going to be responsible for implementing changes. It is important that everyone involved with your seasonal display changes knows what tasks they are responsible for completing. Create a timeline, include an estimate of how long it will take to change out the displays and when the project will be completed.

4. Execute the Plan: Now that you have a drawn out concept, with a clear timeline and goals, you can implement the plan.

 5. Measure Your Work: Now that your new seasonal display is up, take some time to appreciate your hard work. Hopefully, you’ve been taking notes on your progress.

  • How did you stack up?
  • Did you predict everything you needed in advance?
  • Was the process smooth?
  • Were you able to stay within your predicted number of work hours?

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And they all will be on display at GlobalShop March 23 – 25

The countdown has begun. GlobalShop is just days away, and we’re packing up for three days in Vegas. It actually feels like we’ll be there a month with all the product samples and sales collateral we packed in the booth. From magnetic assemblies and neodymium magnets to flexible magnet and magnetic receptive materials, if you are designing retail or POP displays, booth 4147 is the place to be. Of course, not everyone will be lucky enough to get to GlobalShop. So, we’ll try to bring GlobalShop to you (at least the Adams booth). Here are the top 4 magnet products that will be on display during Globalshop. It’s not quite like being there, but you can still start learning about magnet solutions for your next project.



Solution 1. MAGBond® Magnet Media System For retail display systems that can keep pace with today’s in-store experience.

The MAGBond® system combines magnets and magnetic receptive sheets for retail and POP displays that are easy to customize, install and update at the store level.  Displays can ship in simple mailing tubes, and anyone can roll out the creative, eliminating high shipping costs and expensive installers.  If you’re at GlobalShop, stop by and see a demonstration of the system in action, and get a copy of the MAGBond® System Components.



Solution 2. MAGBond® Canvas Magnetic Receptive Sheets For textured, fine-art quality displays that could hang in a museum.

MAGBond® Canvas allows anyone to create displays that have the look and feel of fine art – without losing the benefits that come with using magnetic receptive materials. MAGBond® Canvas comes in a 53” x 70’ roll that is approved to print on HP, Ricoh, and Mimaki Latex printers. It’s perfect for those in the hotel, entertainment, and hospitality industries looking for museum-quality graphics that are quick and easy to install. If you are at GlobalShop, look for the easel with a canvas sample on display.



Solution 3. MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Latex Paint For turning any wall magnetic receptive Our MAGBond®

Paint is a gray latex paint, available in gallons or quarts, that has metal particles mixed in. Once painted, any surface can then hold magnets for a variety of applications – including the MAGBond® Magnet Media System. MAGBond® paint is easy to apply, cleans up with soap and water and can be painted other colors. If you are at GlobalShop, look for the MAGBond® Paint logo and ask us for a MAGBond® Paint Spec Sheet.



Solution 4. Adams Sign & POP Display Experts in One Booth For advice, answers and the right magnet

Adams is more than just MAGBond®.  We supply all types of magnets and magnetic assemblies used in retail and POP displays. So, if you’re at GlobalShop come in and talk projects with our experts. We can supply you with a selection of magnet products in the configurations, strengths, laminates, thicknesses, widths and shapes you need. Finally, for those not going to GlobalShop, these solutions – and many more – are available every day on the Adams Magnetic Website. Go online or call 800.747.7543 and tell us your display needs.

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