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We’re Expanding Wide Format Magnet Production

wide_format_sheet_fabricationNow, it’s easier than ever to create magnetic messages that demand attention. Adams has added two new wide format magnet production lines that can fabricate wide format magnet sheet and magnet receptive materials up to 50” wide. That’s more than twice the size of the previous industry standard of 24 inches.

Bring your ideas for big, eye-catching displays to us. Our new automation systems can create what you need to your specifications through customized conversion processes. With these state of the art production lines, rolls become sheets, and wide rolls, long rolls and large sheets can be cut to order. Need it quick? We can create these wide format magnet receptive materials in both our Elmhurst, Illinois and Irvine, California facilities, so they can be shipped faster – and probably cheaper – regardless of your location. Now your samples and prototypes can be delivered more quickly, so you can start that next campaign within days instead of weeks. And with two production facilities, even high volume requests can be accommodated more quickly. Our most popular magnetic products are in stock at both these locations – let us help you produce the items you need in virtually any shape or size. Questions? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about the difference our wide format magnet displays can make in your marketing efforts.

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