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Important questions to ask before magnet production

carsignsFor any successful signage project, communication with clients is critical, and magnets are no different. Though magnets are a low-maintenance signage option, there are still certain considerations to ensure your clients are receiving the best products available. From manufacturing to application, there are elements that can directly affect how the magnet performs in various environments, and they must be identified before you even begin production.

Prior to printing, don’t forget to find out exactly where the magnet will be placed, as its location can determine the thickness. For outdoor use, you’ll want a stronger magnet that can endure tougher elements, such as wind, hail or rain. Stronger magnets are typically thicker, but a large surface area provides extra adhesion power, as well. Generally, a .030 magnet is thick and strong enough for most applications, with an approximate lbs. pull of 85 lb. per square foot, while still being flexible enough to easily adhere to curved surfaces. Before creating a magnet, also be sure to ask your client if his or her vehicle has ever been in an accident. Though this may seem irrelevant, it can determine whether the magnet adheres to the vehicle. Damaged vehicles are typically patched with Bondo, an automotive repair substance. If the damage was severe and there is too much Bondo on the vehicle, the magnet does not attract to the metal. In fact, Gene Wise, partner of Wise Signs, Reading, Pa., experienced this exact dilemma. He once had a client who ordered a magnet, but it would only cling to one door. After trying several spots on the vehicle, Wise discovered the door was in a previous accident. The door was covered in so much Bondo that the magnet would not stick. So that the customer is aware of the proper care, maintenance, and application of their magnetic sign the following link to Adams Magnetic Products web site is invaluable: http://www.adamsmagnetic.com/pdf/magnet_sign_cleaning.pdf With just a couple simple questions, you are well-prepared before you even begin creating your magnets. There is less room for error, and your clients are happier in the end.

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