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Magnet Blog: Can You Really Erase Your Hard Drive With A Magnet

We are often asked if we sell magnets that will erase hard drives.  This is not one of our target applications, and most of our engineers report that they prefer a sledge hammer to a magnet when looking for external forces to disable the storage device.  Magnets often distort more than erase the...

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Magnet Blog: What Are The Advantages of Using Flexible Magnets For Signage

Used in signage and displays, the advantages of Adams’ flexible magnets include: •    Enhance design as better, different, cooler, more attractive; whether invisible or visible •    Offer nearly limitless potential for customization at almost any stage in the design process •    Provide the...

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Magnet Blog: What is FoilMAG?

Adams' FoilMAG is a shiny, silver, ferrous metal tape with transparent pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive. It is magnet receptive, matches up with 1/2 and 1" wide magnet strip, and is only .010" thick to maintain a low profile. FOILMAG works great in interchangeable graphics, menu boards,...

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Magnet Blog: Factors Which Cause Permanent Magnets to Lose Strength or to Demagnetize

You've asked, so we're answering: Magnetic domains locked in, result in the ability of a permanent magnet to support an external magnetic field.  Once established these domain positions are held until acted upon by forces exceeding those of the locked domains.  The energy required to change the...

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Magnet Blog: Consulting With Clients on Vehicle Sign Projects

Important questions to ask before magnet production For any successful signage project, communication with clients is critical, and magnets are no different. Though magnets are a low-maintenance signage option, there are still certain considerations to ensure your clients are receiving the best...

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Magnet Blog: What's the Best Method to Cut .030 Thick Magnet Sheets

Question: Justin writes: I was wondering the method or type of tool used to cut .030" thick magnet sheets? I have an art project and was wondering the best, most clean way to cut the sheet so that it leaves the smoothest edges possible. What do you use for cutting them? Thanks Magnetic Sheets...

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Magnet Blog: The Best Magnetic Product to Use For Car Magnets

Question: David Sharpe writes:  We have a flatbed printer and solvent printer and we are looking for the best magnetic product to use for Car Magnets. One of our clients just had some of the ones that we are using blow off of her car. Answer: Unfortunately, this issue is not as uncommon as you...

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Magnet Blog: A Good Way to Incorporate Greeting Cards and Refrigerator Magnets

Question: Deborah Foster writes: We have a greeting card company and want to expand to refrigerator magnets. What is the least expensive way to get into this and the least labor intensive? Answer: There are several ways you could expand into refrigerator magnets.  A few ideas include: 1. Tipping...

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Magnet Blog: Why Don't My Round Base Magnets Hold as Much as They Say They Should

  Question: "Scott the PAINTER" from California asks: I recently purchased several round base style magnets from the hardware store and they don’t seem to work properly.  I spoke with the folks at the store and they told me there is nothing wrong with them.  They attached them to those orange...

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Magnet Blog: How to Calculate Yield of Cut Magnet Sheets

Question: Mark Records of Smith Valley, NV asks "How do I figure out how many pieces of 5" x 7" I can get out of a full roll of magnet sheet?  I am currently using 50' long rolls and there seems to be a lot of scrap.  Are there different size rolls on the market?  I look forward to any suggestions...

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