Alnico Rod Magnets

Rod Magnet Features

• Temperature stability in high temperature applications, and a maximum working temperature of approximately 1000°F

• Alnico rod magnets may be ground to size but not by conventional machining. We can grind them to your specifications.

• Alnico rod magnets have high residual induction and energy product compared to ceramic magnets, and low coercive force compared to ceramic and rare earth materials (more subject to demagnetization).

• We stock Alnico rod magnets in Grade 5. We can supply grade 8 upon request. For a comparison of Alnico grades, please see our chart of properties

Products Overview

Alnico rod magnets can have very strong flux output and are stable at high temperatures.

To make ordering your magnets easier, just find the right size on the chart below, and note the Item #. Then contact us to place your order.

Contact us at 800-763-4795 if you don't see what you're looking for in this brief listing.

Diameter Length Item#
0.125" 6.000" 40D0006
0.187" 6.000" 40D0315
0.250" 6.000" 40D0267
0.375" 6.000" 41D0074
0.500" 6.000" 40D0137
0.625" 6.000" 40D0037
0.750" 6.000" 40D0039
0.875" 6.000" 40D0042
1.000" 6.000" 40D0046
2.000" 6.000" 40D0507
0.250" 1.000" 41D0045
0.312" 0.750" 40D0257
0.312" 1.500" 40D0160