All of Your Permanent Magnet Questions Answered in New Permanent Magnet Reference Guide

Adams Magnetic Products is proud to announce the release of A3’s long-awaited Permanent Magnet Guide and Reference, spearheaded by our own Senior Applications Engineer, Mike Devine.

The 111-page book includes easily understandable information about permanent magnetic products, their specifications, and applications, as well as helpful info about inspection, specification, and use, including the benefits and limitations of each material. A practical resource for anyone using or producing permanent magnetic materials, the book features a standard vocabulary, terminology, and symbols to help readers become more fluent in their understanding and usage of magnetic materials, assemblies, and systems.

A must-have for anyone working in the magnet industry, the Permanent Magnet Guide and Reference is especially useful for engineers new to the field, businesses incorporating magnets into their product lines, and quality assurance operators. The guide also includes numerous references for additional research and discovery into specific areas of interest.

Updating the guide, which was originally released in 1987, was a priority for Devine, who has chaired A3’s Permanent Magnet Division since January of this year. The A3 Permanent Magnet Division aims to increase the understanding, promotion, and effective use of magnetic materials, assemblies, and systems for the benefit of the Permanent Magnet Division members and all users of permanent magnet products. The Permanent Magnet Guide and Reference is a supplemental guide to A3’s Standard Specification for Permanent Magnet Materials and serves as a bridge between unit property data and a permanent magnet component having a specific size and geometry in order to establish a magnetic field in a given magnetic circuit environment.

Order your copy of The Permanent Magnetic Guide and Reference here.

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