Established in 1914, VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) designs, produces and markets advanced materials, including magnetic materials, and related products. VAC today operates in over 40 countries and is the holder of over 600 patents. The company is among the world's most highly innovative developers of advanced industrial materials.

VAC's range of products comprises a broad array of advanced semi-finished products, components, parts, modules and systems for use in a wide variety of fields and industries spanning watch-making and medical technology, regenerative energies, shipbuilding and

nanocrystalline cores

Vacuumschmelze VITROPERM® Cores

Vacuumschmelze (VAC) VITROPERM® Cores are manufactured with a tape wound nanocrystalline material that features higher permeability when compared with ferrite cores. VITROPERM® permeability ranges from 25,000 to over 100,000 compared to 5,000 to 15,000 for ferrites. The high permeability of the nanocrystalline core material achieves superior characteristics at low and middle frequencies, as well as in the high frequency range when an optimized winding arrangement is selected.

VITROPERM® Cores from VAC are enclosed in a plastic casing that is suitable for direct winding and offers good mechanical protection of the nanocrystalline core material, allowing the best magnetic properties and highest permeability levels to be maintained. The plastic materials comply with the standards UL94-V0 (UL file number: E41871), class B (130 °C) and UL94-V0 (UL file number E41938), class F (155 °C).

Nanocrystalline VITROPERM® cores with epoxy resin coating are also available. Although the epoxy resin coating is suitable for direct winding, we recommend additional insulation between core and winding for enhanced insulation requirements. The epoxy resin is suitable for continuous operational temperatures of up to 120 °C and complies with the UL94-V0 standard (UL file number: E214934), class A (105 °C).


Common applications for VAC VITROPERM® cores

  • EMC filters
  • Switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • Welding equipment
  • Wind generators
  • Frequency converters
  • Inductive cooking

Advantages of VAC nanocrystalline cores

  • High permeability core gives broadband attenuation. A single VAC choke can sometimes replace 2-3 ferrite chokes.
    • high attenuation
    • low number of turns means low CW, less copper (more energy efficient)
  • High saturation induction
  • High operating temperature
  • Temperature independent properties
  • Small size and weight
  • Low Q (no circulation of energy in the filter, absorption)
  • Excellent mechanical stability (no chipping and cracking like ferrite)
  • Practically zero magnetorestriction so there is no "operational noise"

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