Magnetic Receptive Sheet and Strip

Who needs steel?

When you use magnetic receptive tape or sheet from Adams, you don’t need to have metal in your display or packaging. These products work well in interchangeable graphics, menu boards, point of purchase displays, package closures, crafts, and more.

Special sizes are available upon request. Just ask!

Common applications

  • Large Format Graphics
  • Interchangeable Graphics
  • Magnet Wall Systems
  • Billboards
  • Control Charts / Menu Boards

Magnet Receptive Materials: FoilMAG™, MAGbond™ and MAGsteel™

Adams carries stock in the following popular sizes of FoilMAG™, MAGbond™ and MAGsteel™. Other roll sizes, and custom pre-cut pieces are available upon request.

FoilMAG is magnetic receptive tape with a transparent pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive. It attracts magnets, matches up with 1/2 and 1" wide magnet strip, and is only .010" thick to maintain a low profile.

Item# Description
27FT001 .010" X 0.50" X 100' FoilMAG with PSA Order Online
27FT002 .010" X 1.00" X 100' FoilMAG with PSA Order Online

MAGbond™ is a rubber-based ferrous sheet supplied in rolls available with plain or adhesive backings. It is offered in 4 alternate PVC laminates for Dry Erase, UV Ink Printers, Solvent Ink Screen Printers and Solvent Ink Jet Printers. Magnets will stick to the surface of MAGbond. Also available in new Wide Format, Ultrathin MAGbond.

Item# Description
22F0151 .025” X 24” X 50 FT with indoor adhesive one side / plain one side
22F0102 .025" X 24" X 50 FT with white matte PVC with top coat 348 one side / plain one side
22F0009 .025" X 24" X 50 FT with white matte PVC one side / indoor adhesive one side

New! Wide Format

Adams wide format, ultra-thin MAGbond comes with a PET laminate that can be used with UV and Latex Ink Printers. This material is most commonly used in billboards, large format graphics and our new magnetic wall solutions, which allow for quick, simple and effective changes of your message. Several magnetic sheet options are available for magnet wall systems. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to assist in choosing the proper materials for your specific circumstance.

Item# Description
22IS1050 .010" X 50" X 100 FT with white matte PET one side / plain one side

Note: It is strongly recommended to test the material with your printer and ink system. Materials are suitable for:

  • Digital inkjet printing
  • UV curable ink
  • Screen printing

MAGsteel™ combines a printable paper surface with a lightweight metal, creating a magnetically receptive sheet that is both stronger and lighter than similar products. It is supplied with white printable surface on both sides, or with printable surface on one side and adhesive on the other.

Item# Description
29RP1363 .025” X 31.50” X 43.30”
22F0004 .010” X 37” X 82FT roll with white paper one side / adhesive one side