Magnet Blog: Can You Really Erase Your Hard Drive With A Magnet

We are often asked if we sell magnets that will erase hard drives.  This is not one of our target applications, and most of our engineers report that they prefer a sledge hammer to a magnet when looking for external forces to disable the storage device.  Magnets often distort more than erase the data.

Here’s how to wipe them clean:  Read about all the best options in this great blog post by Gizmodo, pick your favorite and begin!


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One Response to Magnet Blog: Can You Really Erase Your Hard Drive With A Magnet

  1. Laura Woods says:

    Plus the sledgehammer can be worked into your cardio for the day and the greater satisfaction of smithereens and bits from the bytes that persecuted one for so long with that hour glass and the incessent locking up and I volunteer to help someone because I obviously have some pent up frustration with Windows!!! Thanks for the humor and the link.

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